Simon McKeown designs and makes furniture for  homes and businesses in his workshop in South East London. He blends traditional carpentry techniques with the latest in computer aided manufacturing to create furniture that is specific to its owner at an affordable price.

He draws on his background in sculpture to inform a playful and inventive use of materials and forms. He enjoys working directly with materials to find interesting ways of making beautiful things that people can use for everyday purposes.

Thank you for the excellent quality of the table you recently made for us. The task was made more difficult by the desire to match the material and the design with the ethos of the other furniture in the room. This challenge revealed a further facet of your talent and the rendition of the product (table) was extraordinarily faithful to your preliminary design sketches.
The detailing and finish of the product are first class.
In every sense of the word it was a job “well done”.
— Richard Purvis